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Personal Branding


We’ve combined personal coaching techniques with the Brandisans process to help individuals discover and define their authentic personal brand. Perfect for executive development and for anyone in transition, we offer Personal Branding in one-on-one, small-group, and large-group formats. A truly transformational experience!


Subject: Fate

Well, in case you haven't heard....the first day back from NY, Tim's work announced that they are pulling out of the contract they have with Ellis County.  Everyone in the county will be let go as of March 1st.  He has since interviewed with the company taking over the contract, Careflight, and has been hired. However, it has made culinary school a reality. The layoff has given him a push to start school again soon!  He is excited and happier than I have seen him in a long time. We bought the first knife in his first professional collection today for Valentine's Day. Lol. So...thanks. I love seeing him so excited and happy! You’re truly making a positive impact on our lives. I really have never seen him this determined and driven to accomplish something - especially for himself. Thanks to the whole team! More than anything it showed that you believe he can do this. Thanks again for everything!

Julie, Texas

Hello Deb,

This is Özgür from last night's workshop at SOHO.

We had a quick conversation at the end and I was the one who asked if there was such a thing as an "inauthentic person" at the very beginning of the event. I hope that did not come out wrong.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you guys for making me take some time to meditate about myself and the several representations that "myself" stand for in life. Last night made me look back at some of the recent decisions I've made both in my professional and personal lives, and I feel like I've come to some sort of an epiphany after a long night of contemplating following the workshop.

Whatever the workshop aimed to achieve seemed to have worked in a very right way for me personally.

So, thanks again and good luck.

Ali, Istanbul

I feel excited and open! My LaunchPad makes me ready to jump into the next thing, a great reminder of how much is out there to discover, to create, to join, and both the words and the image are a reminder of the possibilities I have in my future.

Ally, New York

I needed help in the branding department and you not only listened to me, but really understood my goals. The entire team I worked with, from start to finish, showed a true desire to help me get to the next level. I am so grateful for all your work.

Donna, Los Angeles

Exceptional! During a time of tremendous change, you helped me dig deep inside myself to find my true inspirations and to translate those inspirations into a reassembled vision of who I want to be going forward.

Amii, Northern California

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